Plush / Resin Pets

For one reason or another, not all of us are able to have an animal companion.

Fortunately, most people who have pets are more than happy to share pats, cuddles and even part-time care with fellow ‘animal people’.  

Here at Animal Kinship, we discovered something amazing!  Our extensive range of life-like, plush and resin pets are the next best thing when you don’t have the real thing.  They too will bring happiness and joy to you or someone you care about.  Their widespread appeal is apparent to passer-bys and customers young and old. 

Even the many animals that visit our shop have chosen one to take home. 

As with all our products – we do test on animals! 

Animal Kinship’s Plush and Resin Pet Selection

Acquiring an animal should never be an impulsive decision.  Pets are for a life-time. 

Sometimes just being reminded of an animal is enough to lift the spirit and put a smile on the face.  These adorable pets may just do the job.  Unlike real animals, they can be bought on impulse.  They frequently are!

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