The successful help in the fight against animal hair!

  • taut special bristles
  • size h: 7.87 x 2.32 inches
  • protected by law (including EU patent)

Taut special bristles remove animal hair and dirt quickly and super-thoroughly form

  • Car seats and trunk of a car
  • Horse blankets
  • Saddle pads and saddle straps
  • the horse`s coat, very good on horse legs, especially good when changing fur

The bent bristles reach all depressions, folds or seams.

The length of the bristles is 1.77 inches.

The brushes lie very good in the hand. The production made of environmentally friendly water-lacquered beech wood from the Thuringian Forest and the Steigerwald also promises an antibacterial effect and a pleasant feeling in the hand, even at very cold temperatures.

Durable product

Made in Germany

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William Leistner