Every Living Thing Has A Spiritual Spark

Our solar system is an energetic field. The sun is the energetic source of light and power for different ‘bodies’ dwelling within this field, including heavenly bodies and those of plants, animals and humans dwelling on the planetary body – Earth. The energy of our universe exists as sparks of energy, or spiritual sparks that link every form of nature, including minerals, to every other form of nature within the universal field. A great deal of scientific research has been conducted in this area pertaining to quantum biology, morphogenic fields and telepathy, which is proving to be a naturally occurring phenomenon in animals and humans.

Over centuries, society has become more industrial than agrarian. As people began to settle in villages, towns and cities, they also began to disconnect from nature and become less sensitive to the energy or spiritual spark of nature. Today many people have lost touch with their inner spiritual spark without being aware of how vital this connection is to finding meaning in life. As a consequence, many people in modern society feel that something is missing in their lives but they don’t know what it is or where to look. They look everywhere but inside themselves.

Spending quality time in nature with our animal kin allows us to rediscover our inner spiritual spark and reconnect with the energy of the universe where we can feel the deep sense of connection we have been missing. By allowing ourselves to experience new depths of relationships with the natural world, by giving loving care and attention to our animal kin, we honour all forms of life and fan the spiritual spark that burns within. When we acknowledge and embrace every living thing as a spiritual spark emitting the universal energy of life, our inner spark blazes and we fan the spark of a limitless and inexhaustible spiritual fire that brings light into the world and fills it with the warmth of loving kindness. Know you are a spiritual spark and blaze forth like the Rays of the Sun. Know yourself to be a solar powered Light that shines for others.