Every living thing has within it a spiritual spark that is the source of our love

Every living thing has within it an energetic spark. Everything in Life is connected through the electric energy of this spiritual spark, whether we are aware of it or not. The natural world existed and will continue to exist long after our time on earth. The heavenly bodies of our solar system provided the elements of this living Earth. Their cyclic rhythms influence and sustain all life on our planet. The life of humanity depends on the lives of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

As humans began to live further and further apart from nature, we also began to forget that, like our animal kin, we too are part of nature. When we forget we become disconnected from the spark of Life that is our life without being aware of it. We feel something is missing but we go looking for it in all the wrong places. We connect with the spark of our inner nature when we allow ourselves to connect with nature by quieting our thoughts, spending time outdoors and spending time with animals.

We consciously get in touch with the world of nature through the relationships we have with our animal kin. By paying attention to them with deep respect and appreciation for the beings they are, we honor their inner spirit and fan the spiritual spark that dwells within humans and animals alike. When we breathe in the fire of Life and breathe out fire into Life, our inner fire blazes. We begin to shine forth in unique ways.

When we acknowledge and embrace every living thing as the spark of Life expressing Itself through an outer form, we fan the spark of a limitless and inexhaustible spiritual fire whose energy brings light into the world and fills space with the beauty and warmth of grace and loving kindness. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be open to receiving the healing waters this fire rains upon us. The greatest gift we can give is to let these healing waters flow through us to others.

Breathe the fire of Life. Blaze forth like the sun. Be the Light of inspiration. Bring the warmth of love and the healing waters of peace and joy into the world through all you touch through the wisdom of loving understanding.