Canine Spirit In The World Today

This is a critical epoch in our planetary history where core human needs for love, companionship, friendship and a secure sense of belonging, are shifting. At this time in human history, we are experiencing rapid change, crisis and turmoil in every area of human activity – on an unprecedented scale – worldwide. This situation is urging us to expand our definition of family and friends, both human and non-human. This involves re-defining and re-evaluating human relations and interactions with each other and with nature – at every level – if we are to create a more loving world, united through an amazing diversity of life.

Human-animal relations have always been an integral part of human evolution and now, more than ever, they have a vital role to play in the movement to create a sustainable and more unified world that benefits all life on earth. However, there is one animal species that has historically contributed more than any other to the evolutionary journey of humanity, and continues to do so. This species is canine lupus familiaris, aka DOG.

History has proven that human beings can have no better, or more loyal and reliable companions, than dogs – with their indomitable, good-natured, fun-loving Canine Spirit. Anyone who ever loved a dog has discovered the love of dog breaks down barriers, crosses boundaries, heals hearts and fills us with joy in the process. Increasingly valued as companions, and even ‘therapists’ supporting our mental, emotional and physical needs, dogs are accompanying us through a transition period where humanity is in the midst of environmental and social transformational change that will, no doubt, result in the creation of a new civil society and worldwide community based on the spirit of love and good human relations, where kindness and generosity is extended to all kingdoms of nature. This is the only way that all planetary life, including human, can survive. It is as if earth has been designed that way and is waiting for us to figure that out.

We are taking a step in the right direction when we realize dogs are in partnership with humans to infuse life with the spirit of love and joy that naturally inspires good-will. As new and deeper meaning is given to the relationships and interactions we have with our canine kin, a more powerful sense of purpose is revealed.

Anyone reading this might have noticed a section on our website and a blog heading entitled, Canine Spirit. The recently released book, Canine Spirit Love of Dog (featured book blog), is a synthesis of the science of animal behavior and the art of learning, imbedded in a matrix of philosophy, world wisdom teachings and quantum physics. However, Canine Spirit pertains generally to an approach to human-canine relations, an approach that not only helps us create better understanding and more meaningful connections in relation to dogs, but in relation to ourselves and other people.

Science has now proven that, “When we change our minds, we literally change the state of matter itself”. (Henry Grayson, The New Physics of Love). What we think deeply affects our relationships with animals – as well as humans. Humans share Canine Spirit with dogs through consciousness and the quality of thought. This is what allows humans to gain insight into the unique and remarkable qualities of Canine Spirit, something canines naturally express as an entire species, which not only nurtures them but nurtures the human spirit as well. Dogs are simply good for the heart and soul and that is something worth thinking about…