“A Life on our Planet”

We’ve said it before. Animal Kinship is more than just a pet supply shop. It is a global movement that encourages good relations not only between humans and animals, but also between humans and the natural world. Both kingdoms of nature depend upon these good relations not only to exist, but to thrive. Animals make humans more aware and appreciative of the environments we live in. They also help make us more aware of the delicate balance that sustains the interdependent ecosystems throughout our entire planet.
Sir David Attenborough is possibly the world’s best-known and respected spokesperson for the natural world. At the age of 93, and a lifetime of work dedicated to discovering and revealing the mysteries of life on earth, his tireless efforts continue through his latest documentary and accompanying book entitled, “A Life on Our Planet”. His work as a naturalist, film-maker and broadcaster spans almost seven decades, making his contribution to the store of human knowledge about all forms of life on our planet legendary.
It is for this reason his most recent documentary, “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet”, deserves to be watched and listened to, but not forgotten. Hence, the accompanying book “A Life on Our Planet, My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future” deserves a place in every home as a blueprint inspiring hope and unity of action at every level of human society. We have no time to waste yet his message is clear; there is time to save the planet, and ultimately save ourselves, if we choose to act now.
Factual scientific information gathered from numerous sources presents a clear picture of the situation humans have helped to create, and only humans can change. A picture and text regarding the bushfires that burned out of control on Australia’s southeast coast in 2019-2020 is included in the book. This is notable not only because it was chosen to be included as an example of an environmental crisis, but because it states that “Climate change has been cited as a contributing factor, although many in the Australian Government denied this at the time”. The eyes of nations are upon us. All nations are watching each other. The time, need and opportunity for visionary leadership have never been greater. The book also refers to New Zealand under the decisive leadership of its Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, going so far as to say “New Zealand may be a guiding light. Surveys in other nations show that people across the world are now keen for their governments to prioritise people and planet over profit alone”. (p134) As relations between Australia and New Zealand continue to build and strengthen, we have every reason to believe that the creative and collaborative efforts of individuals and governments in these lands under the southern stars can be guiding lights in the world, demonstrating leadership and action that focuses on what is prosperous and good for the people as well as the planet.
As a living legend, may Attenborough’s life and work of planetary service be long and fruitful. May we honour his life through our actions on behalf of the entire living planet in whatever ways we are inspired to do so. Everything we do – or don’t do – matters.