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Canine Spirit

Beyond Training

Many of you have met Barbara Allen, Canine Spirit behavioural trainer and co-owner of Animal Kinship. Barbara combines her professional background in the fields of healthcare, education and psychology with years of companion animal study and experience in the science and art of behavioural training.   

Her approach is one your dog would love YOU to take!

Her perspective on human-animal relationships and passionate interest in this field provides a refreshingly unique approach. 

“If I can help people learn to observe and listen to what their dogs are  communicating,  I can help them take the next step, which is to interpret what their dog is telling them so they can respond appropriately”.

Barbara offers basic training for the companion dog owner who wants to enjoy life with their canine friend as a well-adjusted, well-mannered family member and good community citizen. Sound foundations are developed that allow further training at more advanced levels or in specific canine related activities.

Barbara specializes in assessing specific behavioural problems and recommending management and training solutions.  She has over fifteen years experience training and instructing in the areas of canine welfare and behaviour, obedience, agility, herding and therapy-dog work.

What you can expect

Barbara creates an atmosphere of serious fun in your home where people:
  • Learn together with the dog
  • Develop a deeper connection with their dog through interactions that build mutual trust and respect;
  • Deepen their appreciation of dogs as a unique and fascinating species;
  • Expand their ability to understand and clearly communicate with dogs to gain their willing cooperation;
  • Gain insights that transform them and their dogs.
  • Experience the joy and magic of Canine Spirit!