Canine Spirit In The World Today

This is a critical epoch in our planetary history where core human needs for love, companionship, friendship and a secure sense of belonging, are shifting. At this time in human history, we are experiencing rapid change, crisis and turmoil in … Read More

Are We Willing

Are We Willing  In her novel, Gilead, the author, Marilynne Robinson, describes her view of the world.  “It has seemed to me sometimes as though the Lord breathes on this poor grey ember of Creation and it turns to radiance … Read More


As the scientific study of language progresses, we see that investigations into the relationship between sound, language and social evolution are well underway, shedding new light on the significance of human-animal relationships.  Imagine if people around the world learned to … Read More

A Life On Our Planet

We’ve said it before. Animal Kinship is more than just a pet supply shop. It is a global movement that encourages good relations not only between humans and animals, but also between humans and the natural world. Both kingdoms of … Read More

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